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Sunday, January 15th, 2006
3:21 pm

remember this?

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
1:24 pm

btw, squareball party this weekend. friday or saturday. whichever is better for people. everybody, and i mean everybody has to go. like, it's mandatory. i mean it. we need to bring the party back.

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Thursday, July 29th, 2004
2:42 pm - ATTENTION!


and i quote

"Dear Garment District Shoppers,

Yes, it's sale time again! On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday July 30th, 31st and August 1st we will be holding our semi-annual 50% OFF SALE! For 3 days only everything in our Cambridge store will be 50% OFF!!! But that's not all the fun. On Sunday night we restock the entire store so when we open on Monday August 2nd the entire store (yes the ENTIRE store) is full of fresh merchandise. We hope you can drop by! "


can you say boston this weekend?

comment if you want in

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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
stantheman Now I know I left this community a few weeks ago in a furious rage, but I've rejoined it just to share some tragic news.

E-odd gym's squareball has died, and this is its obituary.

I'm neither apologizing for the things I've said here at this community, nor asking for an apology for the things said about me, because, let's face it, the past is the past. hat's not why I came back to this community.

I only hope that we can put aside our differences and apreciate the fine playground balls we use to play our beloved game, and not take them for granted. Perhaps this tragedy is a sign. A sign that says that while two clans of squareball were fighting about supremacy, they were forgetting what's really important: squareball itself. It doesn't matter how you play the game. It only matters that you play it.

So with that said, I'd like to ask for a moment of silence for our fallen ball. I don't ask that you outdoor ballers mourn it with the passion that we who used it are forced to. I'm only hoping that this tragedy opens all of your eyes as it has opened all of ours. Please, love your squareball. Appreciate it. Don't take it for granted, because someday, it will be gone, and there's nothing you can do to prevent this other than not play squareball, which isn't the right thing to do at all.

And now, the moment of silence.

Thank you for your time.

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Sunday, February 15th, 2004
2:28 pm


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12:26 pm - ho'kay

alright so me and kev are thinking....

squareball this afternoon...

then head over to someones house after

i think its a good plan because come on..lets get serious...we need to play squareball again

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Thursday, February 12th, 2004
6:43 pm

We need to ball this weekend. preferably at the usual stop like whoa.


-+> Nocal

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6:24 pm - Nothing
stantheman Today's E-odd squareball session was so quiet. Nothing happened. Even speed squareball was kept to a dull roar.

In fact, gym squareball was so uneventful that I almost mistook it for this LJ community.

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
6:38 pm - Speed Squareball
stantheman We indoor kids created something insanely awesome when we had double E-odd gym during midterm week. Our creation is called "speed squareball" or just "speedball" for short.

It's just like regular squareball, except that it's at least twice as fast. As soon as someone gets out, the next person in line should already be in D-square. No square-offs, and no arguing calls. In a worst case scenario, both people can leave the square. Also, if anyone isn't quick enough to get into their square, anyone can randomly jump in and join the madness.

And most importantly, you have to wail on the ball as hard as you can, or at least not just tap it or loft it up there for anyone to get. The purpose of speed squareball is, well, speed. Don't waste time going for pansy-ass plays.

We enter speed squareball mode every day between the bell that signals the end of first lunch and the bell that signals the beginning of second lunch.

I'm still not really sure what the hell the point is, but damn, it's good cardio. I can tell you that much and mean it.

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Saturday, January 17th, 2004
6:00 pm

okay, because of my abstence tonight, we are all hanging out tomorrow..again. and we are going to watch home movies. not real home movies, the show on adult swim, BRIANNE. okay yeah. lets get on that people!

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2:05 pm

here is my idea. we have a squareball cup. ok? now hear me out. people sign up for it and there is a like, 3 dollar fee. the money from everyone goes to a trophy. there are trophy shops that like have the lil plastic guys on it and then you choose what the plaque says. i say we get a guy bowling and it says 'square bizzle fo lyfe' on it. we can hold 2 squareball cups a year and the trophy gets passed from winner to winner. i think its a good idea.
there is contraversy.
som call it four square. and i am here do debate that to the maxamillionimus.
there are not 4 squares. there are 5. four small ones make up the big one. and if your going into geometric shapes why not call it 9 rectangle? hmm? hmmmm? hMMMMMM?????!!!!

thats what i thought


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1:31 am - That Dirty Wall
stantheman Squareball has to be my favorite passtime involving a grid and a kickball, so joinging this community was a no-brainer for me.

Anyway, I'd just like to take a minute or two to voice my opinions about the dirty wall, and my beef with it.

Perhaps you're wondering what the dirty wall is. Well, it's a term I coined myself in E-odd gym squareball, the best indoor squareball you'll ever find. Anyway, the line gets pretty long in E-odd gym sometimes, due to squareball's immense popularity over basketball and lifting weights. THis line, usually standing up against a wall behind A-square and D-square, is always trying to play squareball without waiting their turn and getting into the square. I know that you have to control the entire environment while squreballing it up, but a corrupt wall with a mind, nay, many minds of its own is just too much to handle sometimes.

I don't even mind it when a few members of the "dirty wall" (meaning people in line) interact with play just to keep a ball alive or give a noob or somebody who sucks a second chance. But I don't like it when the wall gets in my way, or doesn't save me the way they've saved all the other people, or worst of all, deliberately tries to get me out.

That's just not right.

I know they know I'm an expert squareballer, and probably don't think I need any help, but still. Come on. Just because I can counter a gorilla slam or backhand a spinner for a return ace doesn't mean I don't have feelings. When, dirty wall, when? When will you look out for me, dirty wall? When will it be my turn?

And in the meantime, dirty wall, could you at least stop trying to get me out by setting up a smashasaurus to bring my quest for A-square to a sudden and abrupt halt? And could you stop catching the ball and throwing it directly at me? That's not even dirty. That's filthy.

Anyway, I'm Steve, an E-odd gym squareball frontrunner. And that was all I had to say about the dirty wall.

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Thursday, January 15th, 2004
9:26 pm - okay

okay children of earth here is the real first entry..(becasue kevin smells like hamburgers)..of the crazy LJ

tomorrow....we all need to do something. so yeah. lets do that.

thats all i got.

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Monday, January 12th, 2004
10:14 pm

yes. new comunity. post here about squareball. and the group of squareballers. talk about your great victories and upcoming matches and such. or just dont post in it. whoever.

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